Happy Edo


Heya guys! ^^ prides_tears here to tell you that I'm shutting this RP down. Hardly anyone has been active (except for Envy-mun) and there is only a few members, so I thought it would be better to just shut the RP down. D: Sorrys. >_< I'll delete this comm as soon as I'm able to.

But we can still keep in touch through AIM! :D My AIM's still envythesadist. ^^ And maybe we might see each other on other RP's! :DDD

~ Yuko
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Edward-mun here!

Yes, I am going on a haitus!

I'm sure most of you know... But for the sake of doing it, I'll be gone from tomorrow night until Tuesday, the 21st. ^^

Well, until then, guh-bye~

~ Yuko
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Hello! ^.^;;

I'm your newest RPer so..... ^.^;; hehe.... Hi! I'm Aru! *waves*

My Lj: Aru_Kitten
My Email: Caitywolf@yahoo.com
Aim: NekoRizaHawkeye@aim.com
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[Geass] Suzaku - Card Captor Cosplay

Two Icons~!

Hiya! I bring to you two icons for Gender_Problem taken from the picture moi friend graciously made us~! ^___^

1 Girl!Edo
1 Dragon!Envy

Since there is only two, I won't put it behind an LJ cut!

1. Image hosting by Photobucket 2. Image hosting by Photobucket

There was a Roy one but I dunno what happened to it..

1. Comments loved
2. Credit uberly loved
3. Art credit needed (Kris)
4. Steal and die

I'll go make the Roy icon now~!
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[Geass] Suzaku - Card Captor Cosplay



Well, seeing that this RP comm is dead, I have decided to change the story plot! Hear that Roy?xD


Well, basically, now, not only does Edo get doused in the spring, but so does every character! How they got doused is up to you, and what they are doused is also up to you. Now everyone can join the fun! And yes, you MUST be cursed.

^__^ Hopefully, this story line will work better!

I'll go pimp it now~!
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! Roy Mustang present and accounted for! Hoepfully we can start rp-ing soon?

Yeah....just here to say....I'm here ^^;;


My LJ: undying_flame
My E-mail: sonalissymphony@yahoo.com
Happy Edo


Hey everyone! Edward's RPer here!! Nice to meet ya all!! ^^

Me LJ Name: Prides_Tears

Me e-mail: sakura_no_rakuen@edwardelric.zzn.com

Um, not much to say. Just very happy to be here and hope we have fun! ^^
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